Friday, April 1, 2011

we are selling macaron

heiii dessert lovers....

due to hot demand on macaron we are now posting and selling macaron by bread&butter.

thank you to all the people from bijou bazaar who supported us n gave us great comments on how to make it better. to those who have never tried do give our macaron a try. Its not as sweet and the flavours are just not as wat u will find in the market.


  1. yeay!! cantik!! erin.. my macarons x jadi2 lagi.. die grainy and feet-less. Dh blank dah ni. Takpe. Cuba lagi dan lagi dan lagi!

  2. mmg susah nak buat erin pun dulu lama and byk kali buat tau baru dapat. nnt bagi erin rasa k

  3. Macaroon u mmg sedap... xmanis sgt...

  4. terima kasih achasuzrin nnt blehlaorder for raya>