Tuesday, April 5, 2011


hi frenz....
its nice to join bazaar again! my 2 kids are bigger now not that big to help but at least they understand when i asked them to behave. crying n fighting at times biasa la siblings. kecian chika slalu kena beralah but what to do the price you have to pay for being the eldest. she help me to do the poster. since she loves art stuff so i made her colour our poster. thought i think its comot, pople at the bazaar seems to like it. people who passed by our booth most of them wants to take a picture with our poster. i thought she didn't realise it, but went we were about to sleep on saturday night, she said, "mami ramai org tangkap gambar kat painting chika lain kali chika nak jual painting chika la". well i guess i hv a young or future artist here instead of a successor emmmm...

while people were buying macaron like crazy at our booth, roti john by aman was even crazier. people start to order just as they see aman carrying his cooking stuff out from the car. from the moment the stove was on, he didn't stop at all. he manage to sell 54 pcs in 2 and a half hour. is dat crazy or wat? well done!!! my macaron takes 5 hour to finish. not forgetting tembosa by ash sakti who came at 5pm and sold 85pcs by 7pm. well done breadnbutter, alhamdulillah everything finished n we get great reviews about our food that we sell dat day.

some of the compliments were:

1) Hisham Harun, Editor of Madam Chair said my choc mint macaron is like eating godiva chocolate. what a gila statement make wanna fly as tis my fav choc. ohg hisham you are being too nice

2) rara n bf from rara vintage had 3 roti john n 15pc of macaroon. oh btw they said my macaron not as sweet as else where n love...love...love... the maple custard.

3) sheena n marzuki from sheena marketplace had 10 macaron n few roti john. marzuki said we should change the nam to roti aman because our version is soooo not like the one he ussually had tested.

4) shahida from button my button just go speechless went she had the first bite of our roti john

5) mariam's mother bought the hold red velvet cake. she bought one slice and said "wow this it's soooo nice tak rasa muak n tak manis sangat.

6) not forgetting tones of compliments about our ice lemon tea. what a discovery. breadnbutter owe this this special recipe to pn zainun ali(kak neng)

and many more on the bijou bazaar blog n sms. thanks guys im so glad that you like it.

well other than that we met allot of new n old faces. the right crowd make everthing so intereting. my booth neightbors were so cool i mean we chat n we help to promote each other's booth they also help to jaga chika n pipot. THANKS GUYS.....the you guys are sweetest.

maryam (the organizer) n sakinah the cuppies lover) its been 3 years already.lamanyer tak jumpa

ern my do or die friend. love you endlessly

fara tq so much. i know you r so bz but stillu make it.

cool stuff were sold there n its also very cheap. chika bought a hairband for RM1 and a casio hot pink watch by tokoku. so next time you want to shop google for the next bijou bazaar n you'll be sooo surprise. cool place, cool crowd n cool stuff to all my friends dat came thank you soooo much......the ones dat couldn't come but wish us all the best, thank you toooo....dont worry more bazaars to come..c u at the next bazaar. but before i forget we'll be at frinjan bazaar on 9th April so come la and experiance frinjan with us. hope to see you there.

bye n remember a piece of cake a day keep you stress away

Friday, April 1, 2011

we are selling macaron

heiii dessert lovers....

due to hot demand on macaron we are now posting and selling macaron by bread&butter.

thank you to all the people from bijou bazaar who supported us n gave us great comments on how to make it better. to those who have never tried do give our macaron a try. Its not as sweet and the flavours are just not as wat u will find in the market.